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Equipping Minds and Shaping Hearts

Your child’s school experience today influences who they become tomorrow.
At Ridgefield Christian School, we believe that great education is about equipping minds and shaping hearts for a Christ-centered future. Our philosophy revolves around the pillars of biblical worldview, parental partnership, holistic education, and love of learning. It’s deeply rooted in the principles of a vibrant Christian faith, fostering a nurturing environment where students can flourish with purpose for a purpose.

Through ACADEMICS, ARTS, and ATHLETICS, our Christian faculty and staff serve as role models for our students and help them to discover their God-given gifts and talents.

Applying is easy!

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Step 2
Submit Required Documents
Step 3
Academic Screening
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Step 4
Family Interview
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What Our Parents Say

We're so grateful for the caring, compassionate, and Christ-centered environment Ridgefield offers our three children to learn and grow academically and spiritually.
S. Falanga

 Have questions? Interested in a tour? Contact us and let us help!

Our Admissions Philosophy

Ridgefield Christian School is a distinctly and unapologetically evangelical Christian school. Our admissions policy means we do not require parents or students to be adherents to the Christian faith or practice. However, we require that all parents wholeheartedly agree to support RCS in teaching our beliefs, values, and objectives.

Admissions FAQs

Applying and Enrolling

Who can apply or attend?

Ridgefield Christian School is a distinctly and unapologetically evangelical Christian school. Our open admissions policy means we do not require parents or students to be adherents to the Christian faith or practice. We willingly enroll families of other religions or faiths. However, we do require that all parents recognize our statement of faith and agree to support RCS in teaching these beliefs and those of the Christian faith to their child.

Can we take a tour of the school?

Absolutely! We would love to show you what RCS has to offer your family. To schedule a tour, simply fill out the Inquiry Form or contact our Admissions department at We can even arrange a day or half-day shadow visit for your student to see what a day as a student would look like.

What is the academic screening?

All applicants grades K5 and up will complete an academic screening as part of the admissions process. Depending on the grade, this can include sections of a standardized achievement test, as well as reading and writing activities. The screenings last anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours, depending upon the applicant’s grade. Once your application has been submitted, the office will contact you to schedule the screening.

What is the family interview?

All school applicants grades, including preschool, will complete a family interview. The interview typically lasts 30-45 minutes and includes the Head of School, the admissions counselor, and the student's potential teacher or other grade-appropriate faculty. The interview is a time for the family and admissions team to get better acquainted, evaluate the fit between school and family, discuss any questions or concerns, and consider how RCS might best serve the needs of the family and student. 

How much does it cost to attend RCS?

See the Tuition and Fee schedule available here. Also take a look at the Financial Aid program as many families receive some form of financial assistance to enable them to attend RCS.

My child has learning difficulties. Can we still apply?

Absolutely! We want to be able to admit students of all academic abilities. The key question in the admissions process is whether we have the necessary supports that a student will need to be able to flourish, but our heart is to be able to to as much as we can. We are also constantly working to improve our learning support resources.

Programs and Activities

How large are the classes?
Smaller classes are one benefit of private Christian education. Most classes at RCS are 12-16 students, though some are smaller due to enrollment in that particular grade level. On occasion, in order to facilitate adding additional classes, a class may have a few more than this for a year. Upper School (grades 7-12) classes will vary more depending on individual student schedules and course selections. But most classes will be in that 12-16 range.
What athletics are offered?

For Upper School, RCS currently offers are basketball, volleyball, golf, bowling, tennis, track, and trap shooting. In the past, baseball has also been available depending on facilities and student participation.

Elementary students can participate in basketball, volleyball, and, as of Spring 2023, intramural 3-on-3 soccer.

What opportunities are available in theater and the arts?

Ridgefield offers weekly art classes for all ages, a theater program that includes two productions per school year, including 4th through 12th grade, and more. 

Come See Us


The best way to experience Ridgefield Christian School is to come see us in person. We offer private tours at your convenience. During your time on campus, you will have the opportunity to meet school leadership, see our facilities, and ask any questions you may have.


Sometimes a tour can’t give you a full picture of what it’s really like to be a student at our school. If you would like to sign your student up for a shadow day, we would love the opportunity to get to know him or her. This can serve as a fantastic opportunity for your family to get a snapshot of student life here at Ridgefield.

Homeschool Students

RCS values the mission and values of Christian homeschooling and desires to partner with homeschool families. Students may enroll at RCS on a part-time basis on a non-graduation track. The standard admissions process is required for part-time just as for full-time students.

Course Load. Part-time students in grades 7-12 may take up to 4 classes per semester. At 5 classes, students are considered full-time and will pay full-time tuition and fees

Athletics. Arkansas allows homeschool students to participate in AAA-sponsored activities and athletics. Homeschool students wishing only to participate in athletics will complete an alternative Part-time Athletics Enrollment Agreement and pay a per-sport participation fee. See Homeschool Athletics for more information.

Graduation. Homeschool students wishing to graduate with an RCS diploma must enroll as a regular full-time student. Homeschool courses will be evaluated as transfer credits just as with any other school transfer.

What Our Parents Say

We are so pleased that our daughter is surrounded by Christian teachings & values each school day via scripture reading, prayer time, & singing worship music. For 8 hours a day & 178 days a year, her Christian values are not only being guarded but STRENGTHENED by attending RCS.
M. Hill

Returning Student Reenrollment

Families with returning students need to complete the brief re-enrollment process online through FACTS. You need to submit a separate enrollment for each student. 

  • Access Family Portal at
  • Select Family Login at the top, then select FACTS Family Portal from the drop-down menu
  • Enter RF-AR into the District Code field.
  • Enter your login credentials. If you have forgotten your username or password, click on the link provided.
  • Be sure to select “Parent” when logging in. After logging in, click on Apply/Enroll button in the left menu.
  • Click on Enrollment/Re-enrollment . This will provide a link to the enrollment packet. The online process should take approximately 15 minutes to complete. Your information will be saved if you need to quit and come back later.
  • Fill out all required information and make sure it is current and accurate. Be sure to click Save & Submit after each section
  • Thoroughly review the handbook policies before providing your e-signature
  • Check the Documents Upload section and make sure you have provided all required enrollment documents such as updated shot records, legal/custody documents, etc.
  • You must set up a payment plan online during the enrollment process.
  • Review and submit the packet. You will pay the enrollment fee online at this point. Your packet is not submitted until the fee has been paid.

Please note that registration will not be complete and your child’s spot will not be secured until the enrollment packet has been submitted online, including the financial agreement/plan and paying the enrollment fee.