RCS is accept teaching applications for all teaching grades and subjects for next year and beyond. We anticipate having some open positions and we are always looking to add to our pool of prospective candidates for future consideration. Open positions we are actively seeking to fill will be listed below. Candidates meeting our general qualifications are encouraged to apply or send in a resumé and begin building a relationship with the school

Desirable Candidates: 

  • Able to engage students as active learners and problem solvers
  • Flexibility and adaptability in working with a range of learning differences
  • Entrepreneurial-minded and eager to be creative
  • Actively pursue growth as a professional educator
  • Desire to sustain strong relationships with families and colleagues


  • Undergraduate or graduate (preferred) degree in appropriate discipline
  • Arkansas Teaching License or comparable Christian school certification (ACSI, PECS, AACS) or able to quickly obtain certification/license
  • Teaching experience or additional educational coursework
  • Align with our statement of faith and statement on gender, marriage, and sexuality


RCS is seeking qualified candidates to teach science for grades 7-12. Classes include Life Sciences, Earth Science, Physical Science, Biology, and Chemistry. Depending on the interests and experience of the succesful candidate, other options include teaching physics, anatomy, industrial engineering, robotics, or computer science classes.

Candidates with experience integrating biblical worldview into the study of science are preferred. 


RCS is seeking qualified candidates to teach math for grades 7-12. Classes include Math 7, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II. Depending on the student needs, other options include teaching Pre-calculus, Calculus, Consumer Math classes.

Candidates with experience integrating biblical worldview into the study of mathematics are preferred.


RCS is seeking an energetic teacher for middle school (grades 5-6) Lanugage Arts and Science. See qualifications above. 


RCS is seeking an elementary teacher for 4th grade. The ideal candidate will have certification in upper elementary education with a valid teaching license or Christian school certification and at least 2 years of classroom experience.


RCS is seeking candidates a  qualified, passionate Bible teacher. A Bible degree or advanced certificate from a recognized training institute is required. The position may involve teaching Bible classes for grades 7-12 along with other duties or teaching assignments. Candidates with a coaching background or experience in teaching STEM, media/design, language, or similar areas of interest to a Christian high school setting will be prioritized.


Part-time positionPart-time duties focus on daily lunchroom cleaning: prepping the dining commons for lunch rotations, cleaning tables, removing trash, and spot mopping/sweeping of floors as needed. 


Maintenance Technician (& possibly SRO)

–We would be delighted for someone capable of the following duties who also could also function as our School Resource Officer (SRO). This role would be perfect for retired military veterans, LEOs, correctional officers, or similar backgrounds.

General Maintenance

  • Campus lawn care and minor maintenance support
  • Light scheduled maintenance of landscaping; i.e, watering, pruning, fertilizing, controlling weeds
  • Diagnosing, repairing, and performing preventative maintenance duties
  • Transport tools, equipment, materials
  • Help with facilities setup (chairs, tables, etc)
  • During non-mowing season, assist with light custodial duties
  • Gym cleaning and maintenance

Knowledge and Skills

  • Have previous experience in maintenance (including plumbing, electrical, carpentry, material handling equipment, food equipment, etc.)
  • Operation of commercial mowing equipment
  • Ability to perform physical work outdoors in a sustained fashion
  • Ability to work in a safe and efficient manner
  • Valid Driver’s License. Eligible for a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)
  • Ability to problem solve
  • Understand the importance of Customer Service and have clear, transparent, and respectful communication
  • Drive personal accountability and use effective time management to achieve commitments
  • Can adapt to changing and competing demands using solid judgment to identify priorities
  • Believe in Servant Leadership and can work as a team to achieve goals
This is a full-time position.

Learning Support Specialist

RCS is exploring the possibility of expanding our learning support services with the addition of a full-time specialist. So we are accepting applications from interested qualified parties to see what options might be available. The basic duties of this role would be to:

  • Work alongside of students and teachers in the general classroom environment
  • Help identify needs, perform limited diagnostic assessments, and create and implement support plans
  • Provide limited individual/small group interventions
  • Work with teachers to incorporate adaptive strategies that benefit all learners
  • Contribute expertise and occasional training to teachers and staff 

Qualifications: Candidates should

  • be either licensed in special education or a certified speech-language pathologist
  • have experience working with students with a range of diagnosed intellectual and learning differences including mild-moderate autism, ADD, and dyslexia, among others
  • have experience working in an educational setting with students, parents, and teachers

NOTE: RCS does not have a traditional self-contained classroom or alternative modified curriculum and is not required to follow IEP or 504 plans, but we do desire to support as many students as we can.

Substitute Teachers

RCS is seeking qualified, dedicated substitute teachers for all grades. Accepted candidates should have experience working with children in a teaching setting or a demonstrated ability to manage a group of students throughout the course of the day with organized activities. Applicants should have some knowledge and application of technology, excellent communication skills, the ability to be well organized while dealing with a sometimes-chaotic environment, and be a good team player. Applicants must be able to adhere to our statement of faith, statement on gender, marriage, and sexuality, and employee expectations as well as pass a background check.

Pay: $90/day ($50/half-day). Preferences: Can specify full-day or half-day as well as grade-level

Ridgeland Christian School is an equal opportunity employer, with the right to prefer prospective employees on the basis of religions and other exemptions applicable to religious institutions. Job offers are contingent on the verification of credentials and other information required by the employment process including the completion of a background check which may include criminal history and credit check. The successful candidate will be asked to sign a statement of faith.