Your 9th grader graduates in...


Are they ready for what comes next?

Preparation to Succeed

  • Dr. Tony Wagner, co-director of Harvard’s Change Leadership Group, says today’s students are facing a “global achievement gap”
  • Skills that American businesses seek and expect versus skills students are getting in less than disengaged, uninspiring, traditional classroom settings
  • Caused by a global shift from an industrial economy to a knowledge economy…and 
  • How today’s student, brought up with the internet, are motivated to learn.
Background Heading

RCS students don't just survive, they THRIVE!

At RCS, students gain the Survival Skills necessary for the future

Intellectually and Spiritually Challenging

Service, Leadership, and Teamwork

Responsibility, Evaluating, Solving Problems

Creativity, Friendship, Communicating

Real-world Oriented

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