The Real Question is...How Can You Afford Not To?


By the time your child graduates, they will have spent 15,000 hours in school. What happens in those hours lays the foundation for your child’s future. Who they hear. What they are taught. Their school experience today influences who they will become tomorrow. 

Christian education is a long-term investment in your child’s academic and spiritual future. Every day is an opportunity for growth and development. By equipping their minds and shaping their hearts with a Biblical worldview, their future is wide-open and ready for the life God has for them!

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Helping fund your child's education

High-quality Christian education is costly and we understand the strain that this cost puts on many families. But Ridgefield Christian School is committed to ensuring that any student who needs to be here doesn’t miss out because of financial constraint. Tuition assistance is available for all students based on family financial need. Many families pay less than 80% of the published tuition rates and everyone is encouraged to apply.

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Financial Aid

ACE is a donor-funded K-12 scholarship program dedicated to providing scholarships paid to the school on behalf of families who meet the income qualifications.

For 2023, the qualifying threshold is 350% of Federal Poverty Guidelines, so many families will qualify for some amount of aid. See the chart below. All families are encouraged to apply.

Tuition Assistance FAQs

What kind of assistance is available?

There are a variety of scholarships available depending on family situations. See the Scholarships section for specifics. Most families who apply receive something.

Who may receive tuition assistance?

Any family may apply for assistance and is encouraged to do so if finances are an obstacle to attending. We are committed to the principle that any family who needs to be at RCS can do so regardless of financial need.

Do I have to do a separate application for each of my children?

No, only one application per family is required. The outside application process takes into account the cost of ALL educational expenses in the family, including those of students attending other schools, enrolled in college, childcare or daycare expenses, etc.

Award is allocated per child but based on a single family application.

What if our income is too high but there are other circumstances we are facing?

No problem. There is a place in the application to provide personal, written narrative or explanations for the committee to consider. The aid processor does not review that information. It simply returns a recommended award amount based on an algorithm and the financial numbers provided in your tax forms. However, the final decision about the aid award belongs to the school and all other personal information provided to the committee in the application is taken into account. The personal, human factor is very important to RCS.

Why does RCS require a tuition assistance application separate from admissions?

As a private school, RCS relies primarily on tuition supplemented by donations and grants in order to operate our program. Money for tuition assistance is not unlimited. However, our vision is that any student who needs to be enrolled at RCS be able do so without finances being the obstacle. As a group committed to biblical stewardship, we want to allocate our resources (financial aid dollars) as responsibly as possible. To ensure that our policies or programs that provide financial assistance of any form to families is fair, transparent, and effective, we use an outside, third-party application agency. This process helps us better assess and verify a family’s financial eligibility and need, which, in turn, lets us make the best decision we can as a school as to what aid to provide. This approach allows us to be the best stewards we can be of our financial resources while continuing to support families who need help.