Lunch Program

Lunches at RCS are provided by Bistro on the Ridge Catering. Currently, hot meals are available for order on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Students bring their lunches on Tuesday and Thursdays.


Parents order and pay for meals through, a state-of-the-art online service that provides you with the convenience and information you need to more effectively manage your student’s meal purchases and meal account.

1 - Create Parent Account

You first will need to create a parent account. You can access this link from within the RCS Mobile App or go directly to the website. Once on the site, click the Login button, then click on “Register for a Free Account.” You will need your student’s ID number, last name, and school to complete registration. Your child’s ID is available by contacting the school office. You need to repeat this step for each additional child. Once you finish registration, you may log in to begin managing your student’s account instantly

2 - Add Money to Your Account

Next, you need to add money to your prepaid account. You load your account and then meals are charged against that balance each time you order. We recommend a minimum of $35 each time (approx 5 meals).

3 - Order Meals

When logged in, you will see a one-week view of the scheduled menus. You can click the white arrow in the upper right to move to the next week. You can also click the gray “Month“ button to see a month’s view of the menus. Using the month view, menus are displayed per child. If you have multiple students on your account, you can select additional students from the drop down in the upper left.


Ordering meals for your student for any given day works like a conventional online shopping experience where you add items to a cart and then checkout on a payment page. Same thing here. You will see the meal option(s) for a given day.

Click ‘View Meal’ to see what sides the full meal includes along with nutrition information. Please note that meals for students K-12 include an 8 oz water bottle. Students may refill water bottles or containers from home with cold, filtered water from filling stations just outside the lunchroom doors. Meals for preschoolers includes milk (white or chocolate, which you can select at the time of ordering)

To add a meal for that day, simply click the green “Add to Cart” button. A meal option window will pop up for you to make you selection for sides or drinks, depending on what is available. In some cases, additional add-ons may be available to be added for an additional cost. These will be identified by the price for the add-on in parenthesis. If you wish to get a different drink for the student, you can select that here. Drinks other than the water bottle have an additional cost.

If there are entrée choices for a particular day, you will see both in the box for that day. You simply pick the one you wish to order for that student.

Once your meals have been added, click the View Cart button to see a summary of items in your cart and to checkout. Upon checkout, the order amount will be deducted from your account balance.


What is the ordering deadline?
The deadline to order a meal is 10pm the previous night. No orders for the next day may be submitted past that point.
How far in advance can I order?
You can order meals for any dates which are available in the menu calendar. Initially, you will only see the meal for the first Friday. Next, it will be for the following 2 weeks. Soon, the menu will be published for a full month at a time.
How can I view or cancel an order?

You can view orders you have already placed by clicking the ‘My Orders’ link at the top of the page. Here, you an also cancel any orders that you have placed. PLEASE NOTE that you are unable to cancel a meal order once the ordering deadline for that meal has passed.

What do I do if my child is absent due to illness and the deadline to cancel has passed?
In the event your child ends absent on a day for which you had already ordered, you just simply need to notify the school office and request a cancellation of the order. Office staff is able to manually cancel the order using administrative access.
What if my child doesn’t eat a meal that I ordered?

The caterer buys and prepares food for the day based on the orders submitted the previous night. With the exception of illness-related absences, no refunds will be given for unclaimed meals. If your child is present on a day for which you ordered a meal, no refund will be given if the child elects not to pick up their meal.

What about food allergies?
You have the option to identify any of your child’s food allergies. Go to My Account and click on the pencil edit icon beside the name of your child. In the edit box that appears, you can select the necessary allergens there. As the caterers continue to update the menu information, food allergens will be associated with the menu items. As these get updated, you will receive an alert when you try to select a menu item to which your child has that allergy.
What if I forget to order a meal?
The caterer will have some extra food on hand, so limited lunches may be available for purchase the day of. A student who did not get an order in can request a meal (or have the parent call the office). If portions are still available, your child can be given a meal. Your account balance will be post-charged for the cost of the meal by catering staff.