Volunteer Application

Volunteers who wish to serve on a regular basis at the school in a capacity that involves working directly with students must complete this application. A background check through MinistrySafe is also required. A separate link will be sent to your email address upon approval of your volunteer application.

Ridgeland Christian School is an equal opportunity employer, with the right to prefer prospective employees on the basis of religions and other exemptions applicable to religious institutions. Job offers are contingent on the verification of credentials and other information required by the employment process including the completion of a background check which may include criminal history and credit check. The successful candidate will be asked to sign a statement of faith.

General Information

Beliefs and Statement of Faith
Please read Ridgefield's Statements of Faith, Gender, Marriage, and Sexuality, and Sanctity of Life available here. While volunteers are required to personally hold to these beliefs and positions, we do require that all volunteers agree to support the school's teaching of these positions by refraining from advocating other views.

Volunteer Interests

Background Check Required

A confidential MinistrySafe background check is required for any staff or volunteer whose work at the school involves direct contact with students. A separate link will be sent to your email address upon approval of your volunteer application.

Volunteer Lifestyle Statement

RCS is a religious, non-profit organization representing Jesus Christ throughout the local community. Except in certain situations, RCS requires volunteers working directly with students to be born-again Christians, living their lives as Christian role models. Volunteers will conduct themselves in a way that will not raise questions regarding their Christian testimonies. A Christian lifestyle should reflect the biblical perspective of integrity and appropriate personal and family relationships, business conduct and moral behavior. An volunteer is expected to demonstrate a teachable spirit, an ability to share love for others, a willingness to live contentedly under authority and a commitment to follow the Matthew 18 principle when an issue arises with parents, school employees, or school leadership.

Ridgefield Christian School expects all volunteers to maintain a lifestyle based on biblical standards of moral conduct. Failure to do so may result in dismissal from volunteer service, especially in cases of criminal misconduct or sexuality immorality.

If you are applying to work with RSC Athletics as a volunteer coach, mentor, or trainer, please read and indicate the following statement.
Coaching Agreements (IF APPLICABLE)

As an athletic volunteer/coach at RCS, I will...

  • Uphold and demonstrate biblical values
  • Be a role model in conduct, character, speech, and sportsmanship
  • Treat all players, parents, officials, and opponents with respect
  • Build positive relationships with the players and create a positive learning environment
  • Help the players develop their skills and abilities and to push them to improve
  • Attend all practices and games, be on time, and work to provide a great experience for players and families
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